A Modular and Innovative Translation Management System for Higher Efficiency

With SDL MultiTrans, easily create and manage multilingual content – streamlining and taking control of your translation process along the way.

Process Management and Automation

Streamline and automate your translation process for higher efficiency and speed to market

Translation and Editing

Ease the entire translation, editing and review processes while controlling and securing your content

Security and Control

Protect your translation content with a secure environment, data encryption, and auditing functionalities

Business Reporting

Gain full visibility of your projects thanks to dynamic dashboard and detailed reports

Translation Memory

Distribute multi-language content with greater consistency and efficiency, while reducing costs

Terminology Management

Maintain a strong brand voice thanks to a centralized library of your approved terminology


Easily integrate your TMS with other systems and resources to enjoy their full functionality


Select the components, modules, licensing, hosting and management options you need
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SDL MultiTrans 2017: A new look and innovative features

What’s new with SDL Multitrans?

With the latest SDL Multitrans Translation Management System, the customer portal has been rebranded and redesigned to improve user experience and usability.

Additional cutting-edge features include:

Redesigned Web Editor
Managed TMS with shared servers
New connectors, including SharePoint and AEM 6.1
Flow to Flow connector
XLIFF target formatting
TermBase Excel round-trip
Download of TextBase files from hosted servers
And many more…

Why the new version of SDL Multitrans is for you.

This new version of SDL MultiTrans translation software will streamline and enhance even more every aspect of your organization's translation and localization process to reduce your SDL overall costs and allow you to do more—and to do it faster.

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SDL MultiTrans is the translation management software that brings requesters, project managers and linguists together to ease the translation process, reuse previously translated content, enforce brand consistency, increase collaboration and secure your content.


This best translation management system tool provides you with the end-to-end process transparency, content security and business control your organization needs to become more efficient. With this translation system, your documents don’t need to leave your servers and you can even encrypt your data. You can also choose your level of security, right up to the restriction of copy/paste.


The translation system is available in separate modules or as a complete, end-to-end solution, to meet your exact needs and evolve with your organization. It also allows you to configure workflows for any types of projects and automate some steps to increase your efficiency.


Whether you choose to manage your translation management system on your end or give use its management (a Managed TMS), SDL MultiTrans gives you full control over your projects and processes, a centralized translation memory and corporate terminology database, as well as enhanced visibility on all of your language services.

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