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December 6, 2016
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July 25, 2017
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The MultiTrans™ TMS Insight Newsletter (April Edition)


Setting Up a Custom Login Message

Communicate global information on all your users’ login screens by setting up a custom login message. This is a perfect way to communicate a change in your working hours, turnaround times or a disclaimer for example. Messages in English, French and German are supported.

1. In Settings, select Login Message from the Enterprise Administration section
2. Choose your language
3. Use text editing tools to format it as required, including adding tables and hyperlinks

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Managing Centralized Segmentation Rules

MultiTrans has centralized the management of SRX rules on the server. Server SRX rules are used to segment your files to be translated for analysis, pre-translation and XLIFF file creation as well as TextBase TM creation. Managing your SRX rules, especially when migrating from another system, is important to preserve your match leverage.

Abbreviations can be added to the segmentation rules on the server: Administration Console > Options > Segmentation Rules.
To further customize the segmentation rules, a user with knowledge of regular expressions can edit the SRX file. The file MultiTransSegmentationRules.srx can be found at C:\Users\Public\Documents\Donnelley\LangResources.

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Using Default Values in Term Record Creation

You may enter a default value for TermBase fields. Any time a new record is created, this value will be placed automatically in the field. The default value may be changed at any time.

Why use default field values?
• to speed up term creation
• to systemize term entries where values will be mostly the same
• to autofill the frequent values

You can set up a default value for date, list of choices and text fields at the record, language, term or definition level.

To do so:
1. Open the TermBase and launch the Field Definition Manager from the TermBase menu
2. Select the desired field
3. Click Modify
4. Select a value for the default field


MultiTrans 2017 migration scheduling is in full swing. Dozens of customers with MultiTrans TMS versions are now benefiting from the new Customer Portal, new Web Editor as well as from the several new usability features. On top of this, numerous customers have now automated their website translation workflows from the direct integration with Adobe Experience Manager.

As the technical migration schedule is filling up quickly, contact us to get the MultiTrans 2017 release notes, or to reserve your migration timeline and delta training!

We have also recently conducted a survey to better understand your current use of reports and your future reporting needs. Thank you to everyone who responded! It will help us improve your reporting and business intelligence experience in MultiTrans.


You can attend one of our free webinars to discover new components and learn new tips.

Webinar – MultiTrans Connectivity Options: Elevating Your Processes to the Next Level

Date: May 3, 2017 at 9:00 am EST
Length: 30 min
Audience: Existing and potential users of MultiTrans wishing to connect to existing content environments

Has your organization already implemented or is considering to implement enterprise systems like a TMS, CMS, WCMS, PIMS, ERP, or Financial Software? That is a great first step to centralization, asset control, security and increased efficiencies! You can now bring the benefits of these systems to a whole new level by connecting them and leveraging the strengths of each system to its full potential. Join us in this webinar to learn the different ways in which you can connect MultiTransTMS to your enterprise systems.

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Webinar – Small Features with a Big Bang for Project Management, File Management and Processing as Well as Translation in MultiTrans 2017

Date: May 23, 2017 at 10:00 am EST
Length: 30 min
Audience: Existing users of MultiTrans

Every release brings a panoply of new usability features. Join us to discover the features that will make project management, file processing and translation even better in MultiTrans 2017.

To register, please click here.

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