Translation Management Solutions

Modular and Innovative Translation Management Solutions for Higher Efficiency

The SDL MultiTrans TMS will streamline and enhance every aspect of your organization’s translation and localization process to reduce your overall translation costs and allow you to do more—and to do it faster.

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In short, if you’re serious about success, the SDL MultiTrans TMS, a leading Translation Management Solutions, offers significant benefits for your business.

The SDL MultiTrans benefits at a glance

Control and reduce translation costs
Get a full overview of all your translation projects, files and spend
Promote collaboration with internal teams and external providers within one system
Securely distribute content for translation, editing and proofreading
Deliver products, services and content 70% faster, thanks to automated and streamlined processes
Stop translating the same content over and over again
Enforce corporate terminology and quality for global brand consistency
Protect multilingual libraries in a secure environment

A technology that is built around you

Translation is complex: Your products, services and content need to be delivered on time, with the highest quality and in the most cost-effective manner.

The SDL MultiTrans TMS is designed to add value by streamlining your localization processes, freeing you up to focus on growing your business. And because it’s a modular system, the Translation Management Solutions of SDL MultiTrans TMS can be tailored to your specific needs and built around your organization to consistently deliver the benefits you’re looking for:

Project overview

Process management and collaboration

Business reporting

Translation and editing workspace

Security and control

Advanced leveraging translation memory

Terminology management

System and app integration

An outstanding solution to help your stand out

One-stop solution

Comprehensive TMS encompassing security, project and workflow management, translation and editing environment, translation memory, glossary management, plus financial management and reporting


Possible integration with other platforms and systems, internal or external management of SDL MultiTrans, hosting on your server or ours, full or partial web platform, customizable and modular platform, and flexible licensing options


Immediate project analysis, automated workflow and quality checks, fully automated and on-the-fly alignments, automated translation memory updates and interactive or automated translation


Advanced Leveraged Translation Memory and corpus-based approach, tailored and detailed reports, intuitive editing environments, and user-friendly, secure web portals


Over 52,000 users worldwide and 15+ years’ experience developing innovative translation management solutions


Dedicated client service and technical teams giving you customized support, 24/7/365, across the globe


State-of-the-art security protocols and hosting, complex encryption, and the ability to eliminate data transfer or even copy-and-paste


Control of your process, deadlines, workflows glossaries and translation memories, with customizable restrictions and detailed tracking and reporting

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